Congratulations to Tuality Healthcare CEO Dick Stenson

Hats off to our good friend, Dick Stenson, for receiving the Hillsboro Chamber’s Emma C. McKinney Distinguished Citizen Award on May 24th.  

Dick is CEO of Tuality Healthcare and served on our Board of Directors for many years.  As the 2011 recipient of this award, Community Action Executive Director, Jerralynn Ness was on hand to present the 2012 award to Dick.  He is pictured front and center with his wife Doreen, surrounded by family and friends.  

Jerralynn had this to say about Dick at the presentation: 

Once in a blue moon, someone moves into our community and quietly, effectively transforms the way people work together for the greater good.  I couldn’t be happier about the selection of tonight’s award winner.  Dick Stenson has been improving the well-being of Hillsboro for 20 years and truly understands that we are all in this together.   For me, he has been a mentor and a friend and his 18 year involvement with Community Action made us a much stronger and more effective organization, inspiring us to always move forward and overcome challenges.  It is such a privilege to be able to present this award to this exceptional leader.

Congratulations, Dick!!

The Emma C. McKinney Distinguished Citizen Award is given to an individual who lives or works in the greater Hillsboro area and has provided outstanding service to the community.  For a full list of this year’s Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce award recipients, click here.

15th Annual Celebration of Community Spirit Awards Banquet
Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Oregon Zoo 

Virgina Garcia Memorial Foundation presents Annual Health Care Symposium

Gov. John Kitzhaber wants sweeping changes in early childhood programs in Oregon to make them better coordinated, easier for the neediest families to access and more focused on preparing youngsters for kindergarten. 

But Oregon Head Start Association’s executive director is concerned about being grouped in with other programs that lack Head Start’s level of success and credibility.

Attending Community Action’s Rent Well class won’t be easy, instructor Saul Chavez-Hernandez told the class. You’ll have to arrange childcare. You’ll have to find a way to Hillsboro every Wednesday.
“You’re investing a lot of time and effort and resources to be here,” he said. “What are you hoping to get out of it?”


With the number of people living in poverty on the rise, homelessness is becoming a larger, more visible issue in Washington County.

Washington County Project Homeless Connect 2012, a one-day, one-stop event where homeless individuals can access a variety of services is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 27, at Sonrise Church, 6701 NE Campus Way, Hillsboro.

In its sixth year, Project Homeless Connect brings together agencies that provide medical, dental and vision care, housing guidance, legal services, counseling, veterans’ services and much more, making them more accessible to individuals and families struggling with homelessness.

"Homelessness is a growing problem in our community," said Westside Economic Alliance Executive Director Jonathan Schlueter. "We can no longer ignore it or hope it simply goes away. Business and community leaders need to understand the hidden costs of homelessness, and the innovative ways we can lower these costs and reduce these problems."

The 2011 Washington County Point-in-Time Homeless Count found 1,356 Washington County residents living without permanent shelter, more than 85 percent of these individuals living in cars or on the streets.

School districts in Washington County reported that 2,383 students were homeless during the 2010-11 school year, up from 1,432 in 2007-2008.

This year, Banfield Charitable Trust has awarded a $6,290 grant to provide veterinary care for pet owners who are homeless.

Demand has risen steadily since 2007, the first year veterinary services were available at the event. Organizers hope to serve up to 75 pets this year.

In 2011, Project Homeless Connect served more than 500 individuals. Hundreds of professional and community volunteers came together to provide services and support the event.

Washington County Project Homeless Connect is organized by Sonrise Church in partnership with Vision Action Network, Hands On Greater Portland, Pacific University and numerous other community partners.

Pacific University welcomes Sen. Merkley to discuss ‘Life in Our Recession’

Pacific University’s Tom McCall Center for Policy Innovation will host a panel discussion with U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley titled “Life in Our Recession,” on Sunday, November 13 at 2pm in Pacific University’s Taylor-Meade Performing Arts Center.

Jerralynn Ness, Community Action

Community Action’s Executive Director Jerralynn Ness will be among a respected panel of local leaders engaged in human rights, healthcare and social opportunity in our towns and neighborhoods.

Jerralynn brings to the table over 38 years of experience in each of these fields in Washington County, and will be speaking on behalf of our friends and neighbors affected by the challenges of making ends meet through a struggling economic landscape.

Senator Merkley will attend the discussion as a special guest to listen and learn, as well as share his perspective on the discussion topics.

Admission is free with seating available on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information, click here or call (503) 352-2288.

Charles Blow
The New York Times | 9/24/2011

Around the corner came a little golden ball of sunshine named Madison, dressed head to toe in pink, hair arranged in Afro puffs, one wrist covered in turquoise beaded bracelets, arms opened wide. She wrapped those arms around a teacher’s legs, hugged them close and looked up with the kind of smile that sets the world right.

Thanks to Target, children and families involved with The Learning Circle programs will be well supplied again this year!  Last year Community Action’s Child Care Resource and Referral Program was awarded Target’s $2,000 Early Childhood Reading Grant specifically for The Learning Circle (TLC) programs.  Our reapplication this year resulted in again being awarded the grant to help supply books and materials.

Thank you to Kaiser Permanente for the recent grant of $20,000 to support Community Action Opening Doors.   The generosity of our health care partners makes it possible for  uninsured pregnant women in Washington County to access the resources  they need for a healthy birth and successful parenting.

Thank you to Kaiser Permanente for the recent grant of $20,000 to support Community Action Opening Doors.  The generosity of our health care partners makes it possible for uninsured pregnant women in Washington County to access the resources they need for a healthy birth and successful parenting.

For the third consecutive year, Community Action’s Opening Doors program will receive support from the PacificSource Charitable Foundation.  Since 1992, PacificSource has been helping the community by providing resources and funds for the health and welfare of the underserved, which in turn lessens the burden on government.  Since 1998, Opening Doors has been helping hundreds of low-income, uninsured pregnant women gain medical coverage and receive prenatal care.

Community Action has a friend in Rev. Chuck Currie, who wrote an open letter to President Obama about the importance and critical need for maintaining social services in the new budget.